The Company & the project

Bean Inspired Venture run Coffee for Good project which aims to solve unemployment of underserved youths in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.We do this by providing them the access to coffee education and barista skills training.

The problem we are trying to solve.

Do you know that currently there are about 40,000 youths in Malaysia who are unemployed? low income and different abilities are some of the factors that contribute to their unemployment. Some other reasons are mis-matched of skills and family issues. Hence our mission is to solve this issues. We also aim to reduce social problems that are caused by unemployment by providing youths with job skills.

Our beneficiaries.

Our beneficiaries are youths (16-25 years old) who come from urban poor family (household income less than RM3000), youths with different abilities and also youth at risks. We carefully select our beneficiaries by working closely with Non Profit NGOs, charity homes and orphanages caretakers.

Why Coffee & Barista Skills?

The local coffee industry is currently booming. Sadly not many of our local vocational and skills centers are equiped with barista courses to offer to the youths. Hence we have low coffee awareness. Our neighbouring countries are way ahead of us by offering coffee courses in schools and to the public.

Our social impact

We aim to provide job skill by providing coffee education and barista skills to atleast 100 beneficiaries by January 2018. We believe that by doing so, will produce productive and financially stable youths. We aim to bring themselves and their family out of the urban poor statistics.